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chars goodevening!

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  1. Him: You don't fear heights, you fear to fall...
  2. I: Malamang!
  3. Him: in love.
  4. I: I always fall in love but no one catches me.
  5. Him: I'm here but you didn't let me...

yows gmorning :) :*

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I don’t share what’s mine.

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“Its not just about sex… Don’t get me wrong sex is fucking great… But when you have a connection with someone… When you feel so strong for someone… Just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak… You just cant beat that…”
— (via spuandi)

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Just because I want to fuck you until we both can’t move does not diminish the fact I want to hold your hand and watch movies and build pillow forts with you and go to the store and buy tampons for you when you’re on your lady week.

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grabe yung ugali ko nung elementary na halos lalaki kabarkada ko, parang nauulit ngayong college. hahaha tas mga seminarians pa. jusko bad influ ata ako sa kanila hahahahaha XD ge

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jgh ahuehue

Kay lakas ng ulaaaan. Ang init lang nung pauwi ako eh. Amf

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